About us

For more than 10 years now, Ikiru has worked in the commercialization of Japanese furniture and accessories and in the manufacture of futons, the traditional Japanese mattress. One of the most successful products is the futon-latex, the Western adaptation of the classical futon, which combines the natural qualities of cotton with latex' elasticity, comfort and durability.

We manufacture and import a wide range of beds, tatami platforms and convertible sofa beds, all made with the best quality solid wood from sustainable plantations which are respectful of the environment. Our designs are attractive, simple and functional. We also offer you a wide assortment of Japanese décor products such as lamps, Japanese screens, bedside tables, bed covers, hand painted fabrics, pillows and cushions and duvets.

We are also a wholesaler and offer our services to furniture shops interested in including our products in their catalogues and exhibition spaces.